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  • Baegert documented words, sentences and texts in the Guaycura language analyzed by Raoul Zamponi (2004) the evidence for this seems inconclusive (Laylander 1997; Zamponi 2004; Mixco 2006). — “Guaycura - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A superglass is a phase of matter which is characterized at the same time by superfluidity and a frozen Giulio Biroli; Claudio Chamon; Francesco Zamponi (December 8, 2008). — “Superglass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Zamponi (2003) is a grammatical sketch of the language, furnished with a classified word list, based on all its extant available eighteenth century material (mainly from the Italian missionary Filippo S. Gilij). [edit] Maipurean vs. Arawakan. — “Maipurean languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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