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  • Although zamindaris were allowed to be held hereditarily, the holders were not considered to be the proprietors of their estates. Under the British some of the formerly independent Indian states that were given the status of zamindaris. — “Zamindar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Members of the Kshatriya Raju caste claim descent from the ancient and medieval kingdoms of the Ikshvaku, Vishnukundina, Chalukya, Pericchedi, Kota Vamsa, Eastern Ganga dynasty, and Gajapati dynasties. Some of the modern day kingdoms and zamindaris ruled by Rajus are listed below. Adhanki. — “Raju Zamindaris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Zamindaris were established in the Madras Presidency by the government of the British East India Company starting from 1799 In the areas administered by the British, three systems of land proprietorship existed: zamindaris, inams and ryotwaris. — “List of zamindari estates in Madras Presidency - Wikipedia”,


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