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  • The zambos of north-western South America, the lobos of Mexico, and most other zambos were generally believed to have been descendants of escaped plantation slaves.[citation needed] Officially, zambos represent small minorities in the northwestern South American countries of Colombia,. — “Zambo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Modern ethnographic terminology uses the term "Miskito Sambu", older documents, beginning with Spanish ones of the early eighteenth century, refer to the group as "Mosquitos Zambos. However, at a later time, they revolted, and according to the bishop, managed to drive off their enslavers. — “Miskito Sambu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The one drop rule of the United States is not applied in Latin America, and Zambos are not classed as Blacks, most identify as Zambos, and if forced to identify as just one of thier ancestries, most would simply identify with the Amerindian side based on cultural practices. — “Talk:Zambo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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