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  • The tree, called Samán del Guère (transcribed Zamang del Guayre by von Humboldt) still stands today and is a Venezuelan national treasure. for the specific name - derives from zamang, meaning "Mimosoideae tree" in some Cariban. — “Albizia saman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (ii)Thuklai - Lunmun, Suumniang, Tuanuam, Zamang, and Zangkaai. iv).Ellu - Selut, Kemtong, Zamang & Pabawm and. v).Elphuak - Hatlei, Khantun, Hatlang {[ 1. Matthang and 2. Langel (Hawgou,. — “Sizang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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