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  • (Redirected from Zaddik) Jump to: navigation, search. This article is Tzadik (Hebrew: צדיק‎, "righteous one;" pl. צדיקים tzadikim; alternate spelling, tsaddiq) is a title generally given to personalities in Orthodox Judaism considered saintly, such as a spiritual master or rebbe. The root of the. — “Tzadik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Noah is described as "righteous and wholehearted" (Gen. 6:9), and the Bible is replete with praises of the zaddik. Acting justly is the zaddik's greatest joy (Prov. 21:15), and the righteous man is considered an abomination to the wicked (Prov. 29:27). The righteous live by their faith (Hab. — “Talk:Tzadik/Encyclopedia Judaica Zaddik article - Wikipedia”,
  • Joseph was also a highly gifted poet, as is attested by Alharizi[1]. Several of Joseph's religious poems are found in the Sephardic and African Max Doctor, Die Philosophie der Joseph [ibn] Zaddik, Münster, 1895. — “Joseph ibn Tzaddik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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