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General Crossword Questions for “yardarm”

  • Hanging place on board old ships
  • My radar (anag)
  • End of ship's spar
  • From which mutineers once swung?
  • Feet where hands should be under the masthead
  • Detectives give weapons to stick on the mast
  • Met weapon used on board?
  • The law's reach extending to maritime equipment
  • End of spar on ship's mast


  • This is achieved using the lifts, which run from each yardarm to the mast some way above. The person working on the end of the yardarm has a separate footrope known as the flemish. — “Yard (sailing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I agree that slicing off the bottom of the picture to lose the upper-topsail yardarm would be an improvement - thankyou for pointing it out. I tried a few crops for you and feel the best one I got was without the bottom yard-arm and ratline. — “Wikipedia:Picture peer review/WorkingAtTheYardarm - Wikipedia”,
  • The first rum of the day was issued when the sun rose over the topmost yardarm. And when the sun sank over the yard arm later in the day, the Officers would retire to their bar. — “Talk:Yard (sailing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • "Patience," he exhorted them. "Save your fire until we have him. He is coming straight to his doom–straight to the yardarm and the rope that have been so long waiting for him." — “Captain Blood” by Rafael Sabatini


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