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General Crossword Questions for “yams”

  • Amy's cooked the vegetables


  • Yams are the staple crop of the Igbo people of Nigeria, in their language it is known as Yams were taken to the Americas through precolonial Portuguese and Spanish on the borders. — “Yam (vegetable) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sweet potato, specifically its orange-fleshed cultivars, often marketed as 'yams' in North America and as 'kumara' in New Zealand. Yam (god), a Levantine deity. Yam (route), a Mongolian supply point system. YAM (Yet Another Mailer), a MIME-compliant e-mail client written for AmigaOS based computers. — “Yam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Article discusses the origin, distribution, cultivation, and uses of the sweet potato. To prevent confusion, the United States Department of Agriculture requires that sweet potatoes labeled as "yams" also be labeled as "sweet potatoes".[1]. — “Sweet Potato - Wikipedia”,


  • They were two hundred to one–he thought, while his men, huddling round two heaps of smouldering embers, munched the last of the bananas and roasted the few yams they owed to Kassim's diplomacy. — “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad

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