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  • Within the yámen, the bureaucrat administered the government business of the town or region. Yámen varied greatly in size depending on the level of government they administered, and the seniority of the bureaucrat's office. — “Yamen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Zongli Yamen (simplified Chinese: 总理衙门; traditional Chinese: 總理衙門; pinyin: Zǒnglǐ Yámen; Wade–Giles: Tsungli Yamen) was the government body in charge of foreign affairs in imperial China during the late Qing Zongli yamen is a traditional abbreviation of the official name in. — “Zongli Yamen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The naval Battle of Yamen (simplified Chinese: 崖门战役; traditional Chinese: 崖門戰役) (also known as the Naval In 1279, Zhang Hongfan of the Yuan attacked the Song navy in Yamen. — “Battle of Yamen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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