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  • It can o coorse be uised for tae refer thae the yaird the gemme is pleyed in. Tho, caitchpule is mair aften uised for the yaird, an caitch is anerly uised for the gemme. — “Talk:Caitch - Wikipedia”,
  • The goalie uises his hauns in an 18 yaird box roond aboot the goal for tae stap the baa fae gaun in. If a player pits the baa oot o play at the ither end o the park, the ither team kicks the baa back intae play fae a 6 yaird box juist afore the goal (a goal kick). — “Fitbaa - Wikipedia”,
  • The hop plant is a yauld speelin herbaceous perennial, for ordinar growen up strings in a field cried a hopfield, hop gairden or hop yaird whan growed commercial. Monie unalike varieties o hops is growen bi fairmers athort the warld, wi unalike kynds bein uised for parteecular kynds o beer. — “Hops - Wikipedia”,


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