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General Crossword Questions for “wombat”

  • Burrowing marsupial
  • Australian marsupial
  • Pre-pouch protector for marsupial
  • Credit cut back for digger
  • What heartless mob tortured the furry creature?


  • Wombat burrow and scat, Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania. Wombat scat, found near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. Wombats dig extensive burrow systems with rodent-like front teeth and powerful claws. One distinctive adaptation of wombats is their backwards pouch. — “Wombat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Wombat replaced the earlier BAT and MoBAT weapons, themselves developments of the wartime designed "Ordnance, RCL, 3.45 in" recoilless rifle, and was in turn replaced by anti-tank guided missiles. The Wombat was usually mounted on a small two wheeled trolley - when. — “L6 Wombat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Common Wombat grows to an average of 98 cm (39 in) long and a weight of 26 kg (57 lb) Common wombats are a territorial species, with each wombat having an established range in which it lives and feeds. — “Common Wombat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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