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  • Plasterboard panels are also known as wallboard (USA, UK, Ireland),[citation needed] Gibraltar board or GIB wall and ceiling hence reduce the eventual drying time, needed to produce gypsum slurry flow during wallboard manufacture.[5]. — “Drywall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • MgO is widely used primarily as wallboard alternative to conventional gypsum-based drywall. Shaft-liner & area separation wall board. Tile backing (backer board) and underlayment. Substrates for coatings and insulated systems such as: Direct-Applied Finish Systems, EIFS, SIPS,. — “Magnesium oxide wallboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Plasticizers or dispersants, are chemical additives that can be added to wallboard stucco mixtures to improve workability. Adding about two pounds of dispersant per thousand square feet (MSF) in 1/2 inch wallboard (15 g/m² of wallboard) is usually sufficient. — “Plasticizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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