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General Crossword Questions for “wadi”

  • Dry North African river bed
  • Dried flower bed with a deep irrigation from the roots


  • Wadi in Nachal Paran, the Negev, Israel. Wadi (Arabic: وادي‎ wādī; also: Vadi) is the Arabic term traditionally referring to a valley. In some cases, it may refer to a dry riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain or simply an intermittent stream. Contents. — “Wadi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Wadi Rum (Arabic: وادي رم‎) also known as The Valley of the Moon (Arabic: وادي القمر‎) is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in south It is the largest wadi in Jordan. The name Rum most likely comes from an Aramaic root meaning 'high' or '. — “Wadi Rum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Wadi Halfa (Arabic: وادي حلفا‎) is a city in Northern Sudan on the shores of Lake Nubia (the Sudanese section of Lake Nasser). It is the terminus of a rail line from Khartoum and the point where goods are transferred from rail to ferries going down the Nile River. — “Wadi Halfa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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