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  • WAB's student body consists of over 1,500 students from 57 countries. WABX is WAB's extra-curricular program, including sports and various other activities. — “Western Academy of Beijing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Baukies gies birth tae live young that feeds on their mither's milk. Thair weengs is made o wabs o skin that's streekit atween lang banes seemilar tae the banes o a haund. The thoum haes a heukit end that helps the baukie hing whan it isna fleein. — “Baukie - Wikipedia”,
  • Jump to: navigation, search. WAAA-AM • WAAB-AM • WAAC-AM • WAAD-AM • WAAE-AM • WAAF-AM WABO-AM • WABP-AM • WABQ-AM • WABR-AM • WABS-AM • WABT-AM • WABU-AM • WABV-AM • WABW-AM. — “User:JPG-GR/AM Suffixes 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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