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  • veridical paradoxes, such as the birthday paradox, which are seeming absurdities that are Paradoxes in economics tend to be the veridical type, typically counterintuitive outcomes of economic theory,. — “Paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The veridical dream is the dream which is afterwards fulfilled. In Book XIX of the Odyssey, PenelopÄ“ said that "dreams which issue forth from the gate of polished horn bring true issues to pass, when any mortal sees them." ( Here, there. — “Veridical dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Veridical perceptions and hallucinations are not members of a common class of mental states or events. Disjunctivists claim this because they hold that in veridical perception, a subject's experience actually contains the external, mind-independent object of that perception. — “Disjunctivism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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