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  • The verbs to verbify and to verb are themselves products of verbification (see autological word), and — as might be guessed — the term to verb is Although most products of verbification are regarded as neologisms, and may meet. — “Conversion (linguistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I have merged the "verbing" article into "verbification," for they are the same thing, and I have deleted it from the duplicate page listing. It gives non-alert readers the false impression that Verbification = Conversion. — “Talk:Verbification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Er yezhoniezh e vez implijet an termen tregemmerezh (saoz: verbification pe verbing) evit komz eus un argerezh deveradurezhel a dalvez da lakaat un anv-kadarn, un anv Ur c'hemm arc'hwel eo ar verbadurezh neuze ha gallout a ra bezañ merket gant ur morfem resis pe amverk. — “Verbadurezh - Wikipedia”,

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