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  • Tru 'Dat' Entertainment (also variated as Tru 'dat' Entertainment, Trudat Entertainment and TRU DAT Entertainment) or plainly Tru Dat was a Los Tru 'Dat' Entertainmen was based as a junior record label with hopes of establishing a lengthy roster of talented artists in the genre of hip hop. — “Tru 'Dat' Entertainment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Elysium has been around since 1994, releasing a variated amount of music on labels such as Nova Zembla, TIP, Dragonfly, BNE, Iboga, Chill Tribe and Avatar Records. The debut single "Project One" became a worldwide dancefloor hit, with its ethnic tribal sound. — “Elysium (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bao Xishun, the world's tallest living man. Bao Zheng, a Chinese judge b├ính bao, a Vietnamese dumpling with pork meat inside, variated from the Chinese dumpling 'Baozi'. — “Bao (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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