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General Crossword Questions for “variant”

  • Differing from the norm
  • Exceptionally, rain gets into tank: not normal


  • Variant Chinese character, Chinese characters that can be used interchangeably Variant symlinks, a symbolic link to a file that has a variable name embedded in it. — “Variant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In comic books, a variant cover (sometimes variant edition) refers to an issue of a comic book printed with multiple covers with each unique cover art. Due to shortages due to production errors, some variant covers came to be known as "chase covers", as many. — “Variant cover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • National chess variants, some of which older than Western chess, such as chaturanga, shatranj, xiangqi, and shogi, are traditionally also called chess variants in the Western world. They have some similarities to chess and share a common ancestor game. — “Chess variant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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