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  • The vadose zone, also termed the unsaturated zone, is the portion of Earth between the land surface and the phreatic zone or zone of saturation ("vadose" is Latin for "shallow"). It extends from the top of the ground surface to the water table. — “Vadose zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Vadose zone is within the scope of Soil WikiProject, which collaborates on Soil and related articles on Wikipedia. Currently the article says that "The pore spaces in the vadose zone are subject to atmospheric pressure". — “Talk:Vadose zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Cross-section of a hillslope depicting the vadose zone, capillary fringe, water table, and saturated zone Capillary action supports a vadose zone above the saturated base within which water content decreases with distance above the water table. — “Capillary fringe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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