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  • [edit] Vacuoles, vacuolation, vacuolisation and vacuolization Vacuolisation, which appears to me to be nothing more than a (perhaps British) spelling variant of vacuolization, redirects to. — “Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/2009 December 6”,
  • Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2009 December 1. Zygotes implanted in the wombs of other species. Gene Therapy and Vacuoles, vacuolation, vacuolisation and vacuolization. Why does increasing CO2 concentration matter? Size of average Caucasian. — “Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/December 2009”,
  • In this article, MND refers to a group of diseases that affect motor neurones. and a number of inclusions including characteristic "skein-like" inclusions, bunina bodies, and vacuolisation. — “Motor neurone disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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