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  • The function and importance of vacuoles varies greatly according to the type of cell in which they are present, having much greater prominence in the cells of plants, fungi and certain protists than those of animals and bacteria. In general, the functions of the vacuole include:. — “Vacuole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The contractile vacuole should not be confused with the vacuole, a different organelle much more common than the CV. Acidocalcisomes have been implied to work alongside the contractile vacuole in responding to osmotic stress. — “Contractile vacuole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Due to this it would seem better to be inclusive since readers would likely encounter these many uses of "vacuole" when dealing with scientific literature. It would also be quite difficult to decide that one usage or the other is wrong when there isn't really a conclusive baseline. — “Talk:Vacuole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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