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  • Nepoviruses are be transmitted between plants by nematodes. TRSV is also easily transmitted by sap inoculation and transmission in seeds has been in leaf strips stained with Azure A (nucleic acid stain) [7], one is vacuolate (Vac Inc) and the other more crystalloid (Cyst Inc - darker spots). — “Tobacco ringspot virus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In taxonomy, Haloplanus is a genus of the Halobacteriaceae.[1] an extremely halophilic, gas-vacuolate archaeon isolated from Dead Sea-Red Sea water mixtures in experimental outdoor ponds". — “Haloplanus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Arctic sea ice associated bacterium ARK10126. Arctic sea ice bacterium nonpigmented, psychrophilic gas vacuolate bacteria from polar sea ice and water". — “Octadecabacter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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