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General Crossword Questions for “vacillate”

  • Waver when sick in desert
  • Sit on the fence if Bill's in house with Lawrence
  • Be hesitant, empty and sick at heart
  • Sway to and fro, being sick during leave
  • Dither about holiday home abroad taking into account the hotel's gone
  • Keep changing one's mind


  • I haven't looked this up in a book yet, but the internet seems to vacillate. The date of 1559 would indicate that it must be the elder. Stumps (talk) 03:18, 19 December 2007 (UTC). — “Talk:The Fight Between Carnival and Lent - Wikipedia, the”,
  • Cook is a proponent of rolling stocks (stocks that regularly vacillate between "predictable" highs and lows) and has been very vocal about stock splits being a good way to make money, claiming that many stocks rose post split (since the end of. — “Wade Cook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • But whenever they fall down they are not able at once to assume the posture, they vacillate an instant, and this vacillation shows that after all they are strangers in the world. to the art they possess, but even the most artistic knights cannot altogether conceal this vacillation. — “Knight of faith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • A man of my age and experience ought to have known better than to vacillate in this unreasonable manner. — “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins
  • They walked on vaguely, till she paused, and her little voice began anew: "It seems so weak, too, to vacillate like this! And yet how much better than to act rashly a second time... — “Jude the Obscure” by Thomas Hardy


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