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General Crossword Questions for “vacancy”

  • Unoccupied situation


  • Vacancy chain, a social structure through which resources are distributed to consumers Casual vacancy (disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link. — “Vacancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Vacancy is a 2007 American horror/thriller film, starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. Vacancy was released on DVD on August 14, 2007 in both fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. — “Vacancy (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The nitrogen-vacancy center (N-V center) is one of numerous point defects in diamond. In the negative charge state N-V−, the extra electron is located at the vacancy site forming a spin S=1 pair with one of the vacancy electrons. — “Nitrogen-vacancy center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Very brown and wooden, in goatskin breeches with the hair outside, he sat near the tail of his own smart mule, his great hat turned against the sun, an expression of blissful vacancy on his long face, humming day after day a love-song in a plaintive key, or, without a change of expression, letting out a yell at his small tropilla in front. — “Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad
  • He looked bewildered for a moment. Then there appeared upon the glazed vacancy of his eyes a diamond point of intelligence. "Oh," he said, comprehending. — “The Red Badge of Courage” by Stephen Crane
  • I leave this void space that the reader may swear into it any oath that he is most accustomed to–For my own part, if ever I swore a whole oath into a vacancy in my life, I think it was into that–........., said I–and so my remarks through France, which were as full of wit, as an egg is full of meat, and as well worth four hundred guineas, as the said egg is worth a penny–have I been selling here to a chaise-vamper–for four Louis d'Ors–and giving him a post-chaise (by heaven) worth six into the bargain; had it been to Dodsley, or Becket, or any creditable bookseller, who was either leaving off business, and wanted a post-chaise–or who was beginning it–and wanted my remarks, and two or three guineas along with them–I could have borne it–but to a chaise-vamper!–shew me to him this moment, Francois,–said I–The valet de place put on his hat, and led the way–and I pull'd off mine, as I pass'd the commissary, and followed him. — “Tristram Shandy” by Laurence Sterne
  • There was a vacancy for a member of parliament at Westminster, and Melmotte was about to come forward as a candidate. 'If he can manage that I think he'll pull through,' she heard one man say. 'If money'll do it, it will be done,' said another. — “The Way We Live Now” by Anthony Trollope
  • In his letter to the owners–it was left open for me to see–he said that he had always done his duty by them–up to that moment–and even now he was not betraying their confidence, since he was leaving the ship to as competent a seaman as could be found–meaning me, sir, meaning me! He told them that if the last act of his life didn't take away all his credit with them, they would give weight to my faithful service and to his warm recommendation, when about to fill the vacancy made by his death. — “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad
  • See how I managed from my first promotion." (Berg measured his life not by years but by promotions.) "My comrades are still nobodies, while I am only waiting for a vacancy to command a regiment, and have the happiness to be your husband." (He rose and kissed Vera's hand, and on the way to her straightened out a turned-up corner of the carpet.) "And how have I obtained all this? Chiefly by knowing how to choose my aquaintances. — “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy


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