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General Crossword Questions for “unreliable”

  • Powerless to hold keepsake endlessly, being fallible


  • Illustration by Gustave Doré for Baron Münchhausen: tall tales, such as those of the Baron, often feature unreliable narrators. A controversial example of an unreliable narrator occurs in Agatha Christie's novel The Murder of Roger. — “Unreliable narrator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For a WikiProject about the Internal Revenue Service, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Taxation. This page documents an English Wikipedia content guideline. User:Fences and windows/Unreliable sources - user essay. — “Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Reliable protocols typically incur more overhead than unreliable protocols, and as a result, are slower and less scalable. UDP, often used in computer games or other situations where speed is an issue and the loss of a little data is not, is an unreliable protocol. — “Reliability (computer networking) - Wikipedia, the free”,


  • We reconnoitered as widely as we could in the failing moonlight–moons are of a painfully unreliable nature; but the growing dawn showed us the familiar shape, shrouded in some heavy cloth like canvas, and no slightest sign of any watchman near. — “Herland” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman


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