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  • An Unreinforced masonry building (or UMB, URM building) is a type of building where load In California, construction of new unreinforced masonry buildings were prohibited in 1933,. — “Unreinforced masonry building - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Arches with a core of reinforced concrete covered by facade stone for decoration are not to be included in this list, the load bearing part of the arch should be cut stone or brick, or as follows, unreinforced concrete. An unreinforced concrete arch is technically a masonry arch that use. — “List of longest masonry arch bridge spans - Wikipedia, the”,
  • The Acorn Building, an unreinforced masonry building built in 1892, completely collapsed, killing two women, Jennifer Myrick and Marilyn Frost Outside of Paso Robles the damage was less severe, with unreinforced masonry buildings taking minor to moderate damage. — “2003 San Simeon earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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