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  • The PlayStation Portable, UMD disc is a similar concept, using a small proprietary DVD-type disc, in a fixed unopenable caddie as both a copy protection and damage prevention measure. a small proprietary Magneto-optical type disc instead, also in a fixed unopenable caddy. — “Caddy (hardware) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • You have basically got a Good Article here, I gone through it in some detail and made a few very minor edits. Reference 9 appear to be unopenable. Reference 18 appears to have a. — “Talk:Coquitlam/GA2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I have an unopenable bottle of apple juice. It's simply a marvel of That unopenable bottle of apple juice is annoying me. I FUCKING WANT JUICE GODDAMNIT. I was once known as User:Jesustrashcan but some overzealous Wikifuck put an end to that. Apparently I merely had the potential to be offensive. — “User:Coping-mechanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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