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  • For other uses, see Modulation (disambiguation). Passband modulation techniques. Analog CSS · DSSS · FHSS · THSS. v • d • e. See also: Random modulation, Demodulation, modem, line. — “Modulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A logic 0 starts with 8 pulses of 423.75 kHz followed by an unmodulated time of 18.88 µs (256/ fc), a logic 1 is the other way round. The data frame delimitors are code violations, a start of frame is: an unmodulated time of 56.64 µs (768/ fc), 24 pulses of 423.75 kHz. a logic 1. — “ISO/IEC 15693 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The radar transmitter waveform may be either unmodulated continuous wave, modulated or pulsed. An unmodulated continuous wave radar has no range resolution, but can resolve targets on the basis of different velocity, while a modulated or pulsed radar can resolve echoes from different ranges. — “Wave radar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Do not you begin to feel that now? Were not you struck? I am sure you must have been struck by his awkward look and abrupt manner, and the uncouthness of a voice which I heard to be wholly unmodulated as I stood here." — “Emma” by Jane Austen


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