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General Crossword Questions for “unearned”

  • Unmerited
  • Endure an arrangement that's not deserved


  • Unearned income is a term in economics that has different meanings and implications depending on the theoretical frame. To classical economists with their emphasis on a dynamic competition income not subject to competition are "rents" or unearned income. — “Unearned income - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The runner who reached on the error comes around to score, and his run is unearned to both the prior pitcher and the team. However, the run scored by the batter is counted as earned against the relief pitcher, but unearned to the team (since there should have already been three outs). — “Earned run - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Unearned increment is an increase in the value of land or any property without expenditure of any kind on the part of the proprietor; it is a early statement of the notion of unearned income. It was coined by John Stuart Mill, who proposed taxing it. — “Unearned increment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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