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  • Driven wheels already have shafting (or in older vehicles chains) which serve this purpose so there is no penalty for them, but undriven wheels require a similar mechanism which is then called a brake shaft. Undriven wheels require a brake shaft. It is more difficult to arrange for cooling air to. — “Inboard brake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This effect is the undriven natural resonance frequency of the circuit and in general is The undriven resonance frequency, on the other hand, depends on the value of the resistor. — “RLC circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Like an AC motor, the voltage on the undriven coils is sinusoidal, but over an entire commutation the output appears trapezoidal because of the In addition, the approximated sine wave leaves one leg undriven at all times, allowing for back-EMF-based sensorless feedback. — “Brushless DC electric motor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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