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  • While the ulama are well versed in legal jurisprudence being Islamic lawyers, some of them also go on to specialize in other fields, such as hadeeth, tafseer or fiqh. Ulama learned at Islamic religious schools, Madrasahs, where they teach students about Islam and other areas of study. — “Ulama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sinaloa ulama player in action. Photograph: Manuel Aguilar-Moreno / CSULA Ulama Project. Ulama is a ball game played in a few communities in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The word ulama comes from the Nahuatl word ullamaliztli a combination of ullama (playing of a game with a ball) and ulli (rubber). — “Ulama (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Nahdlatul Ulama (also Nahdatul Ulama or NU) is a traditionalist Sunni Islam group in Indonesia. The Nahdlatul Ulama (Revival/Awakening of Religious Scholars) was established in 1926 as an organization for orthodox Muslims opposed to the. — “Nahdlatul Ulama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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