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General Crossword Questions for “uglily”

  • Caveman's comment's a bloomer in hideous manner


  • Fights with merchants and sailors sometimes finish off quite uglily. Will he be able to stay loyal to his friend Marie, or will his nightly 'rendez-vous' with Emeline Lombard, daughter of the rich merchant on whom they depend, separate them? [edit] Cast. Manuel Blanc : Benjamin Donardieu. — “La Rivière Espérance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This animation shows a set of 50 simulated views of the Moon from the center of the Earth over one draconic month. Very cool picture, but presented uglily. As I pointed out on the talk page, there's a skip in the dark period (It just looks black on this CRT, but. — “Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Libration of the Moon”,
  • English speakers also know that uglily sounds bad. It's not simply because no one says it. A made-up adjective like "durfish" would make durfishly fine, but a made-up adjective like "stroomly" would still make stroomlily bad. At some level we. — “Talk:Linguistics/Archive 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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