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General Crossword Questions for “ugandan”

  • Idi Amin, for one
  • From Kampala?


  • Ugandan shilling. Shilingi ya Uganda (Swahili) The 1000 shilling note depicts a farmer on The first Ugandan shilling (UGS) replaced the East African shilling. — “Ugandan shilling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Other notable Ugandans on the African rally scene include the late Riyaz Kurji who was killed in an fatal accident while leading the 2009 edition, Emma Katto, Karim Hirji, Chipper Adams and Charles Lubega. Ugandans have also featured prominently in the Safari Rally. — “Uganda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ugandan English, the dialect of English spoken in Uganda, like that spoken elsewhere has developed a strong local flavour. Ugandan speakers will alter foreign words to make them sound more euphonic. The Bantu languages spoken in southern Uganda tend. — “Ugandan English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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