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  • Uakari is the common name for the New World monkeys of the genus Cacajao. The uakaris are unusual among New World monkeys in that the tail length (15-18 cm) is substantially less than their head and body length (40-45 cm). — “Uakari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Distribution of the Bald Uakari (the subspecies C. c. novaesi, not included in this map, The Bald Uakari (Cacajao calvus) or Bald-headed Uakari is a small New World monkey with a. — “Bald Uakari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Black-headed Uakari (Cacajao melanocephalus), also known as the Golden-backed Black Uakari,[2] is a New World primate from the Pitheciidae family. black uakari recognized, but two additional species, the Aracá Uakari and Neblina Uakari were described. — “Black-headed Uakari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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