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General Crossword Questions for “trifling”

  • Frivolous menage a trois?
  • Stealing, after a short time, becomes unimportant


  • Trifling Women starred Barbara La Marr and Ramón Novarro, who were reteamed from The Prisoner of Zenda (1922), a highly successful film which was recently released. When Trifling Women became a worldwide financial success, La Marr's. — “Trifling Women - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Jump to: navigation, search. United States presidential election, 2000 Red denotes states won by Bush/Cheney, Blue denotes those won by Gore/Lieberman. — “United States presidential election, 2000 - Wikipedia, the”,
  • No Trifling with Love. Directed by. Caroline Huppert. Produced by. Jean-Serge Breton. Written No Trifling with Love at the Internet Movie Database. v • d • e. Cinema of France. Actors. — “No Trifling with Love - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • As for getting the axe, that trifling business cost him no anxiety, for nothing could be easier. — “Crime and punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • It was very remarkable into what prominent relief–even as if a dim picture should leap suddenly from its canvas–Clifford's character was thrown by this apparently trifling annoyance. — “The House of the Seven Gables” by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Dean, following that dismal period were the happiest of my life: my greatest troubles in their passage rose from our little lady's trifling illnesses, which she had to experience in common with all children, rich and poor. — “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte
  • I may here mention that only a few years before my arrival in the country, the treatment of all convicted invalids had been much more barbarous than now, for no physical remedy was provided, and prisoners were put to the severest labour in all sorts of weather, so that most of them soon succumbed to the extreme hardships which they suffered; this was supposed to be beneficial in some ways, inasmuch as it put the country to less expense for the maintenance of its criminal class; but the growth of luxury had induced a relaxation of the old severity, and a sensitive age would no longer tolerate what appeared to be an excess of rigour, even towards the most guilty; moreover, it was found that juries were less willing to convict, and justice was often cheated because there was no alternative between virtually condemning a man to death and letting him go free; it was also held that the country paid in recommittals for its over-severity; for those who had been imprisoned even for trifling ailments were often permanently disabled by their imprisonment; and when a man had been once convicted, it was probable that he would seldom afterwards be off the hands of the country. — “Erewhon” by Samuel Butler
  • I had often 'a little fever,' or a little touch of other things–the playful paw-strokes of the wilderness, the preliminary trifling before the more serious onslaught which came in due course. — “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad
  • August 4.–The first post brought a nice letter from our dear son Willie, acknowledging a trifling present which Carrie sent him, the day before yesterday being his twentieth birthday. — “The Diary of a Nobody” by George Grossmith


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