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  • Skipper, formerly Roman Catholic, embraced by Harriet who's lapsed


  • Trierarch (Greek: τριήραρχος, triērarchos) was the title of officers who commanded a trireme (triēres) in the classical Greek world. In Athens and a few other states this officer was also required to pay for the outfitting and maintenance of the ship. — “Trierarch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Retrieved from "" Categories: Stub-Class Greek articles | Mid-importance Greek articles | WikiProject Greece general articles | Stub-Class Classical Greece and Rome articles | Mid-importance Classical Greece and Rome articles. Personal tools. — “Talk:Trierarch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The person (or persons) up on whom the duty fell is called a Trierarch. The Trierarch is responsible for the outfitting, maintenance, operation and leadership of a warship known as a triremes, the hull and mast of the ship are provided by the State. — “Trierarchy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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