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  • Artemisia tridentata (also called sagebrush/common sagebrush, big sagebrush, blue/black Some botanists treat it in the segregate genus Seriphidium, as S. tridentatum (Nutt. — “Artemisia tridentata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tridentate ligands usually bind via two kinds of connectivity, called " Cyclic tridentate ligands such as TACN and 9-ane-S3 bind in a facial manner. — “Denticity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • TmMe is the abbreviation for anionic tridentate ligand used in coordination chemistry. The TmMe anion is a tridentate, tripodal ligand topologically similar the more common Tp ligands, but two two classes of ligands differ in several. — “Tm ligands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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