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  • Tridacna is a genus of large and gigantic saltwater clams, marine bivalve mollusks in the subfamily Tridacninae, the giant clams. Tridacna clams are common inhabitants of Indo-Pacific coral reef benthic communities in shallower waters[6]. — “Tridacna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The giant clam, Tridacna gigas (known as pā'ua in Cook Islands Māori), is the largest living bivalve mollusc. Dyak diver was drowned when the Tridacna closed its shell on his arm. — “Giant clam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tridacna squamosa, colloquially known as the fluted giant clam, is one of a number of large clam species native to the shallow coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans. Tridacna squamosa grows to 40 centimetres (16 in) across. Sessile in adulthood, the creature's mantle tissues. — “Tridacna squamosa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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