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General Crossword Questions for “tiredness”

  • When it's over, redhead shows fatigue
  • Strides out round the Newcastle area, causing fatigue


  • However, objective cognitive testing should be done to differentiate the neurocognitive deficits of brain disease from those attributable to tiredness. [edit] Causes Tiredness — Information leaflet from mental health charity The Royal College of Psychiatrists. — “Fatigue (medical) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A test commonly ordered for some sleep disorders is the polysomnography. When a person suffers from difficulty in sleeping with no obvious cause, it is referred. — “Sleep disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For the similarly named reproductive gland in male mammals, see prostate. Prostration is Major world religions employ prostration either as a means of embodying reverence for a. — “Prostration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • There was a tiredness and despair on his face that made her hate him, because it hurt her. — “Sons and lovers” by D H Lawrence
  • "Ah," thought Chichikov to himself, "if I had an income of seventy thousand roubles, as you have, I'd very soon give tiredness one in the eye! Take Murazov, the tax-farmer–he, again, must be worth ten millions. What a fortune!" — “Dead souls” by Nikolai Gogol
  • Wait here till I've put the light on in my room, and then turn the light down out here." K. did as he was told, and then even waited until Miss Bürstner came out of her room and quietly invited him, once more, to come in. "Sit down," she said, indicating the ottoman, while she herself remained standing by the bedpost despite the tiredness she had spoken of; she did not even take off her hat, which was small but decorated with an abundance of flowers. "What is it you wanted, then? I'm really quite curious." She gently crossed her legs. "I expect you'll say," K. began, "that the matter really isn't all that urgent and we don't need to talk about it right now, but ..." "I never listen to introductions," said Miss Bürstner. "That makes my job so much easier," said K. "This morning, to some extent through my fault, your room was made a little untidy, this happened because of people I did not know and against my will but, as I said, because of my fault; I wanted to apologise for it." "My room?" asked Miss Bürstner, and instead of looking round the room scrutinised K. "It is true," said K., and now, for the first time, they looked each other in the eyes, "there's no point in saying exactly how this came about." "But that's the interesting thing about it," said Miss Bürstner. "No," said K. "Well then," said Miss Bürstner, "I don't want to force my way into any secrets, if you insist that it's of no interest I won't insist. — “The Trial” by Franz Kafka
  • For soon the light began to fade in her, gradually, and as she was in his arms, her head sank, she leaned it against him, and lay still, with sunk head, a little tired, effaced because she was tired. And in her tiredness was a certain negation of him. — “The Rainbow” by D. H. Lawrence


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