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  • Tinge


  • Biota are a United States avant-rock musical collective. They have released several Bellowing Room/Tinct (subsequently released together on single CD, 1990, by Recommended. — “Biota (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Cy est Pourtraicte, Madame Ste Ursule, et les Unze Mille Vierge is a poem in Wallace Stevens's first book of poetry, Harmonium. New leaf and shadowy tinct, And they were all His thought. He heard. — “Cy Est Pourtraicte, Madame Ste Ursule, et Les Unze Mille”,
  • This article is within the scope of WikiProject Pharmacology, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Pharmacology on Wikipedia. Piritramide (Dipidolor); Bezitramide (Burgodin); Opium and its Preparations (Tinct. — “Talk:Dihydromorphine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • I find by experience, that there is a good deal to be said betwixt the flights and emotions of the soul or a resolute and constant habit; and very well perceive that there is nothing we may not do, nay, even to the surpassing the Divinity itself, says a certain person, forasmuch as it is more to render a man's self impassible by his own study and industry, than to be so by his natural condition; and even to be able to conjoin to man's imbecility and frailty a God-like resolution and assurance; but it is by fits and starts; and in the lives of those heroes of times past there are sometimes miraculous impulses, and that seem infinitely to exceed our natural force; but they are indeed only impulses: and 'tis hard to believe, that these so elevated qualities in a man can so thoroughly tinct and imbue the soul that they should become ordinary, and, as it were, natural in him. — “Essays” by Michel de Montaigne
  • Avail it that I caution thee." The sun Now all the western clime irradiate chang'd From azure tinct to white; and, as I pass'd, My passing shadow made the umber'd flame Burn ruddier. — “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri


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