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General Crossword Questions for “timpani”

  • Set of kettledrums
  • Percussion section
  • Drums
  • Things making a bang give little boy endless fear
  • Little boy with great fear not ended by percussion
  • Boy's terror curtailed by drums
  • Percussion instruments
  • PM, I ain't (anag.)
  • Kettle drums
  • Main pit (anag) - drums


  • Timpani (also known as kettledrums) are musical instruments in the percussion family. They are played by striking the head with a specialized drum stick called a timpani stick or timpani mallet. — “Timpani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Timpani (sometimes they are called kettle drums) are drums that are made out of large bowls that are usually made of copper shaped by craftsmen, which after being tuned, have a skin-like material stretched over the top. Timpani are different from other drums because they are tuned to. — “Timpani - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The first timpani concertos were written in the Baroque and Classical periods of music. The timpani concerto was revived in the 20th century and the timpani concerto repertoire increased significantly. — “Timpani concerto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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