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General Crossword Questions for “tabling”

  • Submitting for consideration


  • In parliamentary procedure, a motion to table may have different and contradictory meanings: In the United States, the motion to lay on the table (often simply "table") or the motion to postpone consideration is a proposal to suspend consideration of a pending motion. — “Table (parliamentary procedure) - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • [edit] Tabling. Tabling has been found increasingly important for not only helping beginners write workable declarative programs The PRISM system, which heavily relies on tabling, has been the main driving force for. — “BProlog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • His son went to "table" (train as a servant for meal preparation) with Mr Bret for three years. Dracot promised Bret £8 a year for the duration, but he died that same year. Then the widow married the defendant, J.S. Mr Bret brough an action for the £6 13s 4d for tabling in the two years following. — “Bret v JS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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