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General Crossword Questions for “table”

  • Board off which dinner's eaten
  • Flat surfaced piece of furniture
  • Article of furniture - list of facts and figures
  • Flat-topped piece of furniture
  • Board
  • Flat surface on legs
  • Item of furniture
  • Flat board on legs
  • Put forward for formal discussion
  • Flat surface
  • Rumour about second-class furniture
  • Spread rumour about bishop
  • Roll island over after little time
  • Furniture catalogue
  • Story about blackboard?
  • Lie about second-class food
  • Board becomes competent with time
  • Lie about British chart
  • Submit for consideration
  • Food - list


  • The periodic table of the chemical elements (also periodic table of the elements or just Although precursors to this table exist, its invention is generally credited to Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, who intended the table to illustrate recurring ("periodic") trends. — “Periodic table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Except for the initial serve, players must allow a ball played toward them only one bounce on their side of the table and must return it so that it bounces on the opposite side. Points are scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules. Play is fast and demands quick reactions. — “Table tennis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Although HTML table syntax also works, special wikicode can be used as a shortcut to create a table. as HTML table markup, so a knowledge of HTML table code will help. — “Help:Table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • "That's the story about me in Marygreen, is it–that I entrapped 'ee? Much of a catch you were, Lord send!" As she warmed she saw some of Jude's dear ancient classics on a table where they ought not to have been laid. "I won't have them books here in the way!" she cried petulantly; and seizing them one by one she began throwing them upon the floor. — “Jude the Obscure” by Thomas Hardy
  • He sat down in one of the armchairs; the big dark dining table twinkled here and there in the small candle-light; the pictures on the wall, all of them very brown, looked vague and incoherent. — “The Portrait of a Lady” by Henry James
  • The head waiter piloted him immediately to a vacant table, three away from my own–the table that the Grenfalls of Falls River, N.J., had just vacated. — “The Good Soldier” by Ford Madox Ford
  • They seated themselves in a close and dim sort of bar-parlour, at a stained wooden table with one wooden leg. — “The Man who was Thursday” by GK Chesterton
  • The same animal which hath the honour to have some part of his flesh eaten at the table of a duke, may perhaps be degraded in another part, and some of his limbs gibbeted, as it were, in the vilest stall in town. — “Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding
  • I laid aside my usual occupations, and seating myself at a window, consumed the day in alternately looking out upon the storm, and gazing at the picture which lay upon a table before me. — “Wieland” by Charles Brockden Brown


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