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  • Now more commonly called "tabetic ocular crises," an attack is characterized by sudden, intense ocular pain, lacrimation and photophobia.[1] "Tabetic gait" is a characteristic sign of untreated syphilis where. — “Tabes dorsalis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • None tabetic over fifty pounds, to the dismay of all his acquaintances become the model and fotomodel, first in Kragujevac fashion agencies as well as foreign. Inga tabetic över femtio pounds till bestörtning av alla hans bekanta. — “User:NIKOLA ARSIC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • He was the author of Die Therapie ataktischer Bewegungsstörungen, a treatise on treatment of tabetic ataxia by means of systematic exercise and movement therapy. His name is associated with "Frenkel's symptom", which is defined as lowered muscular tonus in tabetic neurosyphilis.[1]. — “Heinrich Frenkel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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