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General Crossword Questions for “tabby”

  • Domestic cat
  • Mottled and striped grey or brownish cat
  • Brindled
  • Cat with striped markings


  • A tabby is a cat with a distinctive coat that features stripes, dots, or swirling Tabbies are sometimes erroneously assumed to be a cat breed.[1] In fact, the tabby pattern is found in many breeds of cat, as well as among the general mixed-breed. — “Tabby cat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A golden tabby tiger at the Buffalo Zoo. A golden tabby tiger is one with an extremely rare color variation caused by a recessive gene and is currently only found in captive tigers. Like the white tiger, it is a color form and not a separate species. — “Golden tabby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tabby is a building material consisting of lime, sand, water, and crushed oyster shells. Tabby: The Oyster Shell Concrete of the Lowcountry, an article from the Beaufort County Public Library. — “Tabby (cement) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • A skin of tabby lined his winter waistcoat. — “Ulysses” by James Joyce
  • On the other seat were two or three passengers, one of them a working woman who held a basket on her lap, in which was a tabby kitten. — “Jude the Obscure” by Thomas Hardy


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