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  • An example of tabs in gedit. In the area of graphical user interfaces (GUI), a tabbed document interface (TDI) is one that allows multiple documents to be contained within a single window, using tabs as a navigational widget for switching between sets of documents. — “Tab (GUI) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Firefox 2 supports more tabbed browsing features, including a "tab overflow" solution that keeps the user's tabs easily accessible when they would otherwise become illegible, "session store" which lets the user keep the opened tabs across the restarts, and an "undo close tab" feature. — “Features of Mozilla Firefox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In GUI-based application software, a ribbon is an interface where a set of toolbars are placed on tabs in a tab bar. The Ribbon can also contain tabs to expose different sets of control elements eliminating the need for a lot of different icon-based tool bars. — “Ribbon (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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