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  • It is more useful as a monitoring tool: a sudden decrease in FEV1 or other spirometric measure in the same patient can signal worsening control, even if the raw value is still normal. The derivation of an index of ventilatory function from spirometric recordings using canonical analysis". — “Spirometry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Structured light plethysmography (SLP) can be used to measure movement of the chest while breathing. geometric models (tetrahedra) of the whole chest wall and compared with spirometric data. — “Structured light plethysmography - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • [edit] Spirometric tests. Conventionally, a spirometer can be defined as a device used to measure timed expired and inspired volumes. These volumes then enable us to measure how quickly the lungs can be emptied and filled and whether it is effective. — “Occupational asthma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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