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  • This is a list of English words of Yiddish origin, many of which have entered the English Spelling of some of these Yiddish language words may be variable (for example, schlep is. — “List of English words of Yiddish origin - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Many of the events are recruiting events at Google, where they shmooze people as a recruiting tool. The food is always good, so if you get a chance to Shmoogle, by all means you should partake. The day may come when 4 cattle in one pen is not in fashion, so Shmoogle while you can!. — “User:Shmoogle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The teachings of Mussar emphasize the need for human beings to constantly strive for self improvement, thereby allowing them to become closer to God.[1] This approach to life is articulated during the Rosh Yeshiva's weekly Mussar Shmooze (sermon) to all divisions. — “Valley Torah High School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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