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  • It can be differentiated from its closest genus, Leptotes, both because of its pending vegetation with flat leaves and the flowers which have a saccate labellum. the central lobe is partially saccate and has two longer fringes at. — “Loefgrenianthus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tsuga caroliniana Carolina Hemlock. Tsuga chinensis Taiwan Hemlock The pollen itself has a saccate, ring-like structure at its distal pole, and rarely this structure can be more or less doubly saccate. — “Tsuga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Members of this order have a sporphytic thallus with true parenchyma formed by both longitudinal and transverse cell division with a thallus that is solid, tubular flat, saccate, branched or foliose. As their general name suggests their pigmentation is brown. — “Dictyosiphonales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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