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  • Two inflections, Hebrew Shabbathown (7677) and Greek "σαββατισμός" (Sabbatismós, 4520), are both translated "sabbatism" in Strong's (a "special holiday" or "the repose of Christianity"). The Hebrew form refers translations; "Sabbatism" (a transliteration) in the Darby Bible; "Sabbath observance" in. — “Biblical Sabbath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The term "Sabbatism" or "Sabbatizing" (Greek Sabbatismos), which generically means any literal or spiritual Sabbath-keeping, has also been taken in Hebrews 4:9 to have special reference to this definition. [edit] Other religious traditions [edit] Babylonian rest days. — “Sabbath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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