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  • The Hellacopters, Stefan Sundström, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Wilmer X, The Solution, Dogge Doggelito, Lennart Eriksson, Patti Palladin, Dogs Soundtrack Of Our Lives[1] however the bands music have always been roted in 1970's rock.[2] The band have also toured extensivley with bands such as. — “The Diamond Dogs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Evit ar bloavezh-kenwerzhañ 1969 e voe staliet ur vouetadurezh-ensilañ (nemet evit ar stumm " T ") hag e vez hiraet ar roted (2,27 m e lec'h 2,20 betek-hen) : e mod-se e teu plijusoc'h c'hoazh an 911 da vleniañ, ar stumm " S " dreistholl. Gant. — “Porsche 911 - Wikipedia”,
  • By this time most of her body has rotted away and all thats left of Lucy is her head and just a skeleton and a mass off purtified flesh below her neck. The other girls from the inn show up at this point and Lucy reverts briefly to Nyuu to bid them farewell. — “Talk:Elfen Lied/Archive 1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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